2008 Harkin Steak Fry: Another Great Success

SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2008 | Harkin for Senate

Braving high winds and low temperatures, approximately 1,800 guests attended Senator Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) 31st Steak Fry in Indianola last Sunday. Over 1,600 meals of steak, chicken, and veggie burgers were served to guests as they enjoyed live music from local music group the Barn Owl Band and listened to Democratic leaders speak. This year’s keynote speaker was Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana.

Senator Tom Harkin introduced Governor Schweitzer to the steak Fry crowd, discussing what an asset he is to the Democratic Party:

“Brian Schweitzer is one of our most potent WMD’s. We’re not talking about weapons of mass destruction. That’s West of the Mississippi Democrats. And I believe what he’s done in MT, not just getting elected, but how he’s governed and the message he has is one we national democrats aught to be adopting.”

And Governor Schweitzer received great reviews from those in attendance. According to Matt Clark of iowapolitics.com:

“I’ve heard that he is a terrific speaker and has a lot of potential,” Denise Rathman of Sioux City said today. “It’s true that sometimes what we really need is someone to fire the crowd up.”

The spotlight thrown on Schweitzer in Iowa today as he attended an event often frequented by presidential candidates only added more buzz around the bolo tie-wearing rancher.

“I had no idea who he was before now,” Paul Ostringer of Granger said. “After today I am really anxious to see where he goes next.”

The other speakers at the Steak Fry were Senator Tom Harkin, Ruth Harkin, Lt. Governor Patti Judge, First Lady Mari Culver, Congressman Leonard Boswell, Congressman Bruce Braley, Congressman Dave Loebsack, Iowa Fourth Congressional District Candidate Becky Greenwald, Iowa Fifth Congressional District Candidate Rob Hubler.

Senator Harkin had a great time at this year’s Steak Fry and also had great things to say about Governor Schweitzer. “This year’s Steak Fry was another great day. I was very pleased to introduce Governor Schweitzer to Iowa Democrats and to see so many of my great friends and supporters,” said Harkin. “Schweitzer is a prominent national figure in the Democratic Party and is his exciting speech clearly show why. I look forward to my continued friendship with the Governor and expect to see even more great things from him in the future.”

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