68 Years Young

NOVEMBER 16TH, 2007 | RuthHarkin

sign Tom's card

On Monday, your friend and my husband Tom celebrates his 68th birthday. He still has the same energy and passion for public service as the young man I married almost four decades ago.

Would you like to send him a special message today to help him celebrate his birthday?

For almost half of those wonderful 68 years, he has served the good people of Iowa in the U.S. Congress – fighting hard for our shared values and priorities. He continues to lead the charge toward providing better health care, jobs and education for hard-working men and women, the poor, the elderly, children and those with disabilities.

Tom’s not one to throw a big celebration, but getting a special birthday message from you would really make his day.

That’s a birthday present I know he’ll love.

Thanks for all of your help.


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