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Iowa’s rural communities embody what makes Iowa and America great. They are also what will make America thrive again—not just survive. With an election coming up and our future on the horizon, we should remember our rural priorities in our voting decisions.

Throughout my years in the Senate, I have worked hard on behalf of rural Iowans. As the general election nears, we should all remain committed to ensuring that family farms succeed, that Iowans have needed protection against disasters, and that Iowa crops continue to feed and fuel the world.

Now that the farm bill has become law, farm families, rural communities and all Iowans can expect to benefit from the solid progress of this legislation. The Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 protects farm income and makes crucial investments in rural development and nutrition, promotes renewable energy production and job creation in Iowa, and helps conserve resources for future generations.


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Senator Harkin’s Victory Speech


Upon winning reelection to his fifth term in the United States Senate last night, Senator Harkin delivered addressed the crowd at his election night party in Des Moines, Iowa. Below is the speech that Senator Harkin gave. Scroll to the bottom of the page to watch video of Senator Harkin’s speech from The Des Moines Register.

Thank you all very much. Thank you

Thank you, Ruth, for those kind words. And, most of all, thank you for your love and support for the last 40 years. God has given me more than my fair share of blessings, and having Ruth at my side, as well as our two daughters, has been the greatest blessing of all.

By the way, I just wanted to say….I’m Tom Harkin and I approve this election for a fifth term in the United States Senate.

Indeed, this is a historic night for Iowa…and it looks like it will be for our nation, as well.


The Quad City Times Endorses Tom Harkin

OCTOBER 30TH, 2008

The Quad City Times endorsed Senator Harkin for a fifth term in the United States Senate on Wednesday.

The paper cited his hard work for people with disabilities and his focus on agriculture as reasons for their support:

Tom Harkin’s indelible impression is apparent across Iowa and America. Just ask anyone in a wheelchair. Or anyone fueling up a vehicle. Or anyone planting American crops or eating American food.

Harkin’s enduring impressions are evident in the stronger American farm economy, higher grain prices and a diminished reliance on production subsidies. His work makes it easier for disabled people to live, learn and earn, which also strengthen’s our country and economy.

With his tendency to always look ahead, the paper also sighted his plans for a fifth term as a reason for endorsement:

By always looking ahead, Harkin helped move the Iowa economy into the forefront of alternative energy production, fortifying the state against the full brunt of this economic downturn.

Harkin still is looking ahead. In his interview with the Times Editorial Board, he outlined a game plan to improve the electrical power grid and energy pipelines to make Iowa wind and ethanol power available nationwide. He elaborated on a transition to more sustainable organic ethanol production that would spread the alternative energy boon to south Iowa’s less tillable land.

To read the full endorsement, click here.


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