Bush Threatens to Veto Farm Bill

FEBRUARY 6TH, 2008 | Harkin for Senate

The Associated Press is reporting that President Bush threatened to veto Sen. Tom Harkin’s Farm Bill today during a speech at the Department of Agriculture.

In response, Senator Tom Harkin issued the following statement today:

“For President Bush to continue to take a hard line and threaten to veto a farm bill is unproductive and against the bipartisan spirit that made this bill a reality and that carried it through the Senate with one of the largest votes in the history of farm bills. This measure is critical for our farming families and rural communities in Iowa and across this country, so I urge the president to back away from this position and instead work with farm bill negotiators to come up with a bill he can sign. The Senate farm bill is a good, strong measure that balances spending with revenues raised by closing tax loopholes and ending tax abuses – not by raising taxes – as the President has suggested.”

Stand with Tom. Click here and sign the petition to tell President Bush and the Congress to pass the Farm Bill today.

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