Congress Passes Harkin Farm Bill

MAY 15TH, 2008 | ryan.alexander

On May 14-15, the House and the Senate passed the 2008 Farm Bill, capping months of hard work.

As Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Senator Harkin wrote the bill that protects the safety net for all of America’s food producers, increases funding to feed our nation’s poor, enhances support for important conservation initiatives, and helps make America more energy independent.

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On May 19th, 2008 at 03:05 PM, leonard carrico wrote:

I notice that no-ones Farm Bills ever contain Benefits for the overworked Farm hand that helps make the FARMERS pockets fatter.It’s always “CHEAPER LABOR for RICHER FARMERS”as i was born & raised on a 565 acre W Va livestock farm owned by a Prominent Clarksburg Attoney& My grandfather was his Forman for 40 + yrs.!!&his pay was a whopping $25.00 a month.

Leonard Carrico

On May 25th, 2008 at 11:42 PM, Don Langstaff wrote:

Please have someone on your staff who has background in scientific research take a hard look at the available research on the safety of G M O crops. Safety testing has not been required, and not a lot has been done. What has been done strongly suggests that GMO crops are not the same as the as the strains they are intended to replace,sometimes in surprising ways, and testing should be required before wide spread distribution. The new genetic combinations we create cannot be retrieved once released into our complex ecosystems, and we usually do NOT know the details of what exactly we have changed…. Thank you, Don Langstaff One well researched source:Genetic Roulette/Jeffrey Smith