Energy and Fuel Solutions

America’s energy future lies in the corn and soybean fields of Iowa and the Midwest, not in the oil fields of the Middle East. That’s why earlier this month; Senator Harkin and Senator Lugar introduced the American Fuels Act of 2007, to rapidly increase the production, distribution, and consumption of renewable fuels.

President Bush has promised in every single State of the Union address of his presidency to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil. And every year there has been very little follow-through. For six straight years our dependence has increased, not decreased.

We cannot wait any longer to pass legislation to develop real renewable fuel alternatives. We need to rapidly develop the technology to produce cellulose-based ethanol from corn stover, switchgrass, wood chips, and other forms of biomass. At the same time, we need to create a distribution network to get all that ethanol to consumers. And we need to convert the nation’s vehicle fleet to flex-fuel vehicles capable of using blends higher than the 10-percent ethanol blend widely available now. The Harkin-Lugar legislation would accomplish those goals.

Senator Harkin wants to hear from you about America’s energy crisis. We invite you to tell Senator Harkin what you think.