Tom Harkin’s Statement on GOP’s refusal to override Bush Veto on SCHIP

OCTOBER 18TH, 2007 | ryan.alexander

Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), released the following statement today following a failed veto override in the United States House of Representatives for a bill President Bush vetoed that would have funded healthcare for children:

“I find it deeply disturbing that many House Republicans have decided to stand by the President instead of taking action to protect our kids’ health. Even though 81 percent of Americans and large bi-partisan majorities in Congress want this bill to be signed into law, the President and those who persist in supporting his misguided ideology continue to stand in the way.

“Let me assure you that Democrats will continue working to provide health insurance to millions of American kids who will otherwise go without. No child should be condemned to a childhood without checkups and forced to forgo necessary medical treatment until a condition is so serious it lands them in the emergency room.

“I hope that when the President and those supporting his veto again see a bill that gives our kids the healthcare they need, they will have the common sense and common decency to support it.” | digg this | stumble it! | share on facebook

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