Harkin’s Statement on the Iowa Caucuses

JANUARY 3RD, 2008 | ryan.alexander

Iowa Caucus

I congratulate Senator Obama for winning the Iowa Caucuses and I salute all of our Democratic candidates for their hard work.

But the biggest winners of the night were the people of Iowa and our Democratic party.

Democratic turnout tonight was dramatic, and speaks volumes about the enthusiasm and excitement for our candidates. The passion is on the Democratic side, and I have no doubt we will be electing a Democratic President in November.

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On March 1st, 2008 at 12:40 AM, Christina Butts wrote:

Nice to see the ole’ fightin’ dawg Tom learning the new tricks of the internet and expanded constituent outreach. Heh, must be the new staffers, this has got all of the latests networking viral links and sites. Well, I always have his sticker on my car and voted for him right out of high school in ‘84.

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