Harkin Vows to Save Conservation Program

AUGUST 14TH, 2007 | ryan.alexander

In an article published in today’s DesMoinesRegister, Senator Tom Harkin commented on the House version of the 2007 Farm Bill that passed just before the Senate recess and includes a provision that would suspend any new sign-ups to the Conservation Security Program (CSP) until 2012. The CSP is an important program that Senator Harkin helped implement in 2002 that works to provide incentives and resources to farmers and ranchers who develop and execute methods to conserve and protect natural resources on their working fields:

Harkin was miffed that Peterson and the House committee deleted the program from the first four years of their version of the farm bill.

“I have no idea why he stiffed us,” Harkin said. “The Conservation Security Program will be in the 2007 farm bill, or there won’t be a bill.”

Harkin said he will push for a combination of the Conservation Security Program and a program that pays livestock producers to implement water pollution control measures.

The two programs will maintain separate identities and funds, Harkin said, but enrollment will be streamlined.

At a time when corn production is at record highs, it is more important than ever to provide resources to our nation’s farmers to ensure that their land stays healthy for future generations and ensure that the high production does not cause a serious loss of water quality, topsoil, and wild-life habitats. For more information about the CSP, click here.

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