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Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage For Iowa Seniors
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Prescription drugs are an indispensable part of modern Medicine. Yet too many Iowa seniors are forced to make the terrible choice between the drugs that keep them healthy, and rent, heating bills, or even food. That’s why Tom Harkin supports and is working hard to pass an affordable, reliable Medicare prescription drug benefit for every senior.

Tom Harkin is also working so that Iowa receives its fair share of Medicare funding. He has introduced bipartisan legislation would increase the amount Medicare pays Iowa providers on a per patient basis. Tom Harkin’s legislation would bring more than $1 billion in Medicare funding back to Iowa health care system.

Additionally, Tom Harkin’s effort to double critical medical research funding is helping researchers discover treatments for Alzheimer’s, ALS, and other deadly and debilitating diseases.

A stronger, brighter future for Iowa means investing in health care for our seniors. That’s why Tom Harkin works hard to strengthen Medicare and to provide affordable prescription drug coverage for seniors.

> 9/26/2002 Provision to help Iowa hospitals in proposed Medicare bill
> 9/18/2002 Edwards: Ganske Record on Generic Drugs is Wrong Prescription
> 8/23/2002 Harkin tours local schools, blasts Republicans on Medicare
> 8/22/2002 Harkin knocks GOP plans, touts ‘grants’ in area visits
> 7/22/2002 Harkin deletes measure costing Iowa Medicare money
> 7/2/2002 Harkin blasts opponent on Medicare vote
> 6/11/2002 Harkin Calls for Report on Medicare Inefficiencies
> 6/10/2002 Ganske, Others Vote to Cut Medicare Funds for Iowa

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