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As the first Iowan to chair Senate Agriculture Committee in nearly a century, Tom Harkin passed a bipartisan farm bill that will stabilize farm incomes, invest in rural communities and protect our environment.

To help safeguard farm families, Tom Harkin’s farm bill rebuilds the farm safety and rewards farmers for good stewardship on agricultural lands in production. It is also the first farm bill ever to include an energy initiative designed to promote the production and use of farm-based renewable energy, including ethanol, biodiesel, biomass and wind energy.

But the farm bill isn’t just about growing corn and beans; it’s about creating new jobs, developing new value-added business and investing in Iowa’s small towns and communities. The farm bill’s rural development initiative provides Iowa’s small towns and communities with the capital and technology needed to create jobs and bring prosperity back to rural America.

Tom Harkin’s farm bill also makes conservation a cornerstone of America’s farm policy. The new farm bill greatly increases our commitment to helping agricultural producers and landowners conserve and protect soil, water, air and wildlife – especially on land in agricultural production. That means cleaner air and water for all of Iowa and rural America.

Tom Harkin believes a stronger, brighter future for Iowa must a strong farm and rural economy. That’s why he works hard for farmers and for good paying jobs for every Iowan.

> 10/25/2002 Harkin tromps through field, invites Ganske to hunt
> 10/5/2002 Harkin says close-to-home issues will decide election
> 9/19/2002 Farmers Union Endorses Harkin
> 9/7/2002 Harkin Could Reap Benefits From Farm Bureau Nod in Iowa Senate Race
> 9/7/2002 Tom Harkin Accepts Friend of Agriculture Award From Iowa Farm Bureau
> 9/6/2002 Farm Bureau Endorses Harkin Election Bid
> 9/4/2002 Farm Bill Gives Tractor Sales Traction
> 7/11/2002 New farm bill boosts funding for soil conservation
> 5/13/2002 Harkin Joins President Bush For Signing Of New Farm Bill
> 5/8/2002 Farm Bill Approved By Senate
> 5/1/2002 Statement of the Iowa Farm Bureau In Support of the Farm Bill
> 4/30/2002 Farm Bill Agreement Finalized
> 4/25/2002 Harkin Announces Conferees Close To Agreement On Farm Bill
> 4/23/2002 Statement from Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Harkin on Senate’s Rejection of Efforts to Stall Energy Reform Bill and Gut Renewable Fuels Standard
> 4/19/2002 Harkin Prepared To Move Farm Bill Forward In Weekend Session

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