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Growing up in the small town of Cumming, Tom Harkin learned the value of living in a safe, tight-knit community. That’s why Tom Harkin strongly supports Iowa law enforcement. He has worked to put more than 700 new police officers on Iowa’s streets, to protect the rights of crime victims, and to keep our children safe in their classrooms.

Tom Harkin is also focused on defeating the menace of methamphetamine that is threatening Iowa’s young people. Harkin has won additional funding for Iowa law enforcement to help combat meth, to close down the labs, and to put the dealers behind bars.

Too often, violence finds it’s way into our children’s classrooms. That’s why Tom Harkin supports School Resource Officers — police officers who serve as school counselors to help protect our children should tragedy strike. Tom Harkin has also been a strong proponent of Safe and Drug Free Schools, which works to reduce drugs and violence in our schools so that every classroom can be a place of discipline where teachers can teach and children can learn.

Tom Harkin believes a stronger, brighter future for Iowa must mean safer streets and schools. That’s why he works hard to support Iowa law enforcement’s mission with the tools and resources they need to protect Iowans.

> 4/12/2002 Iowa Sheriff Tells U.S. Senate Panel: Rural Law Enforcement Needs Federal Partner

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