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Tom Harkin learned early in life that the American Dream was real, but denied to many Iowans with disabilities.

One of those Iowans was Tom’s brother, Frank, who lost his hearing at a young age. Tom saw how many doors of opportunity were closed to Frank. That’s why Tom Harkin has long championed Iowans with disabilities and been a leader in the disability rights movement.

Working with Republicans like Senator Bob Dole, Tom Harkin authored the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This landmark legislation protects the rights of more than 57 million Americans with physical and mental disabilities.

Tom Harkin continues to work in that bipartisan tradition to break down the remaining barriers between Americans with disabilities and the American Dream – barriers related to education, voting, transportation, and employment.

Tom Harkin believes that a stronger, brighter future for Iowa must mean a chance for everyone to succeed – including Iowans with disabilities. That’s why he works hard for equal opportunity for Americans with Disabilities.

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