Ruth Harkin’s Presidential Decision

JULY 2ND, 2007 | TomHarkin

As a four-term U.S. Senator from Iowa, I am no stranger to the commitment and passion Iowans have for politics. It is a passion I share and is one of the reasons I have worked hard to maintain Iowa’s leadership status in electing our next president.

My wife, Ruth also shares my passion for political involvement, and like many Iowans, she feels feels a very personal responsibility to choosing the right person to support. Ruth recently made that personal decision and tonight plans to formally endorse her friend and one of her mentors,Hillary Clinton, for President of the United States.

Ruth took many things into account before deciding on this endorsement. When Ruth was elected to the position of Story County Attorney in 1972, she was honored to be the first woman to hold the position of county attorney in our state’s history-and one of the first county-wide prosecutors in the country. It was an exciting and challenging time for her, but it taught her that groundbreaking accomplishments don’t just happen. They are not just made-they happen over time with that hard work, determination and focus. She feels that women who are lucky enough to serve in public office had, and continue to have, a responsibility to opening doors and paving a new way for those seeking other leadership roles. And as Ruth looked closely at who is best suited to do the job of President and to inspire a new generation of leaders, Hillary topped the list.

Unlike my wife, I have not made a decision to support, nor do I plan to endorse, any of the Democratic presidential candidates. I have worked closely with many of them, and I am extremely proud of each of them for their commitment to public service. I remain focused on my own re-election campaign in 2008 and look forward to working with a Democrat in the White House.

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On July 10th, 2007 at 01:09 PM, Gary Marti wrote:

It is unfortunate but I consider the political candicates in both parties to be mediocre at best. I am a Libertarian at heart but my vote will default to the Democrat who is chosen to lead the party. I don’t think Hillary or Obama are the best that America has and Edwards is fading as fast as McCain.

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