Senator Harkin Meets With Cedar Rapids City Leaders

JULY 17TH, 2008 | Harkin for Senate

Senator Tom Harkin today met with Cedar Rapids city leaders, including Mayor Kay Halloran, to get an update on the recovery and rebuilding process. Cedar Rapids officials outlined the federal support they will need to rebuild and Harkin reiterated his vow to securing federal resources to help in that effort.

“I want to thank Mayor Halloran, Cedar Rapids business and civic leaders for coming to Washington to discuss their progress and what the future will hold. The information that they provided will be helpful as I seek sufficient funding in our appropriations meeting next week. I am doing all that I can to use my position on the appropriations committee to deliver the financial help that Cedar Rapids and all of the other hard-hit Iowa communities need to help them to get back on their feet,” said Harkin.

Senator Harkin worked with his colleagues to get an initial infusion of federal funds to disaster stricken states – including Iowa when the floods hit last month. Next week, Harkin will work with his appropriations colleagues to secure a second funding package with dollars for Iowa’s flood-ravaged cities and towns, as well as full funding for a new federal courthouse in Cedar Rapids. | digg this | stumble it! | share on facebook

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