Senator Harkin to Participate in Health Care Forum in Des Moines

AUGUST 19TH, 2008 | TomHarkin

Senator Harkin will be participating in a forum that will bring together state and federal officials to discuss strategies for reforming the nation’s broken health care system tomorrow as he finishes up his August Rural Tour. Senator Harkin believes we must immediately address this issue that leaves thousands of Iowans without quality health care coverage, hurts businesses that are struggling to offer health coverage to their employees, and impacts hospitals that are having difficulty keeping their doors open.

He looks forward to discussing the recently passed Iowa health care reform legislation and how the federal government can partner with states to reform the nation’s health care system. He will also discuss his work in the Senate to shift the focus of the nation’s health care expenditures toward prevention and wellness initiatives. | digg this | stumble it! | share on facebook