The Globe Gazette Endorses Tom Harkin

OCTOBER 21ST, 2008 | Harkin for Senate

Yesterday The Globe Gazette (Mason City) endorsed Tom Harkin for reelection.

The Globe had this to say about Senator Harkin’s work in the Senate:

Harkin, because of his experience and leadership in the Senate, is uniquely qualified to help steer the United States through these uncertain times. He is chairman of the committee that drafts the farm bill, a vital piece of legislation that sets farm and food policy for the U.S. and distributes billions in subsidies across the nation. Who better to lead that team than an Iowan who is an experienced Washington hand?

We remain impressed with Harkin’s cooperative, results-oriented temperament. The 68-year-old from Cumming is passionate about his work and equally passionate about his progressive beliefs. The senator has shown time and again that he’s able to draw strength from both while staying mindful that he serves all Americans.

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